Fighting for Joy in Friendship and Belonging

Episode 84 · May 10th, 2024 · 53 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

There really is nothing better than finding a place of belonging. Finding your people...your place. Being known, accepted, and loved. And, conversely, few things can rob of us joy like loneliness, isolation, feeling left out, and NOT knowing where we belong. I think we can all remember that time we didn’t get the invite, or weren’t included in the group text, or didn’t get asked to go on the trip, or to the party. Today my friend Heidi Deyle and I have a great conversation about how to fight for joy as we search for belonging. We talk through practical ways to build community, how to "go first" in a friendship, and how to fight the temptations of comparison around social media.

When I told a friend about the title of this episode, her comment was, “I feel like I have spent my whole life struggling to figure out where I belong.” And I think that is relatable to so many of us! As Christians, we do have a deep sense of belonging with God - eternally safe and secure in His love. That's where our true identity lies! And, also, we are created for community and need to help each other fight for joy through the ups and downs of friendship and belonging. Heidi brings so much to this conversation and I'm excited for you to listen.

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