Fighting for Joy through Trauma

Episode 75 · December 18th, 2023 · 1 hr 8 mins

About this Episode

I have been looking forward to introducing you to my new friend, Teresa Glantz. Teresa is a certified trauma recovery coach and also has a big heart for educating the church on trauma and mental health. Teresa and I met through Instagram as we both work and share in the same online space of “Christianity and hard things”. I haven't known her long but I've already learned so much from her and have been encouraged by the things she shares about trauma recovery and mental health.

On this episode you'll hear her share some of the traumatic parts of her own story as a backdrop to the hope she has to share with you. She speaks from experience when she says that you CAN recover from trauma. She is a beautiful example of this and I know you will be helped by her insight, wisdom, and powerful testimony. It is possible to fight for joy, and find it, even if you have experienced terrible things. There is hope!

*Please note, we do talk about suicide in this episode.

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