Fighting for Joy with Hospitality

Episode 74 · November 27th, 2023 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

What comes to mind when you think about hospitality? Making sure your house is clean? Cooking a fancy meal? Throwing a memorable party? In our current culture, true hospitality often gets confused with entertaining. The focus can often be on the host and their "Instagram worthy" decor vs. the guests and the opportunity to serve them. On the episode today, Eric and I have a conversation about the calling we have as Christians to welcome people in, not in order to make much of ourselves, but to make others feel welcomed, seen, and cared for - to provide a safe place for people to land and belong. A definition that we recently heard for hospitality mentioned making "sacrificial accomodations with others in mind". This often happens in relationship - putting people at ease with food, with good conversation, sometimes with humor, and almost always with bold generosity of resources...your home, your money, your stuff, your time, and your energy.

Yes, entertaining can be fun (and there are certainly ways to make entertaining hospitable!) but genuine hospitality is a beautiful way to share the hope, peace, comfort, help, and joy that we as believers have received from the Lord with others and bless them as we welcome them in and seek to meet their needs. Listen in as Eric and I share some ways that we were loved on in grief and how that has helped us to grow in our own desire to be hospitable and to find practical ways to bless and care for hurting people. I hope this episode inspires and encourages you to incorporate more hospitality into the regular rhythm of your life as a way to fight for joy - and help others keep fighting for joy as well!

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