Fighting for Joy through the Death of a Dream

Episode 56 · December 19th, 2022 · 1 hr 13 mins

About this Episode

I have an amazing guest to introduce you to today (AND side note, you’ll also get to hear her sing. A first for the podcast!). On this episode my friend Anna Gallatin shares about how she found hope and fought for joy after the dream that she had for her family fell apart. You’ll be encouraged as you listen to the ways that God has restored her joy and continues to redeem her situation.

A lot of our conversation today is centered around “home” - not the house, but what we build and create within the walls. I love this topic because ultimately our earthly homes serve to point us to something greater...what is to come when we are finally and eternally home with the Lord. When we have a beautiful home on this side of heaven, we get a small glimpse in the beauty of what’s to come. It points us to a greater beauty! And, if we don’t get to experience a beautiful home here in this broken world, that TOO can be used to point us to what is to come because it causes us to be so dissatisfied with what we have here and how broken it feels, that our anticipation grows for what Jesus told the thief on the cross next to him is called “Paradise”. This world is not all there is. Something much, much greater is ahead for us as believers. Even the death of Anna’s dream pointed her to something greater. Someone greater!
Okay can you tell I’m excited about this!??! The whole episode is just full of special things and I think it may become one of your favorites.

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