FFJ Live Event 2: Sharing God's Comfort With Others - Guest Scott Jensen

Episode 53 · November 7th, 2022 · 54 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

Remember last fall when I hosted a LIVE podcast event in my backyard (Episode #43 if you missed it)?!?! Well, I’m excited to share that I was able to host one again this fall...Fighting for Joy Live #2! I look at an evening like this as an extension of the podcast and a part of what I'm building within the Fighting for Joy Ministry as a whole. For years I had been dreaming about gathering a big group of friends with the purpose of encouraging, connecting, and sharing, but it wasn’t until we moved 2 years ago that I felt like God had brought enough healing and progress in my grief to begin doing it. Somehow our move brought renewed hope and a desire to invite people in again. Our previous home held so many precious memories and sacred moments of grief that I became pretty protective of it, causing me to pull inward. Hospitality felt too exhausting and hard. But when we moved, parts of the pre-grief Jodi bubbled back up to the surface and as God began to fill my heart with a new kind of hope and joy, I courageously began to dream again. And these live events are a beautiful reflection of His restoring and redeeming work!

On this episode you'll get to hear my husband Eric and I have a live conversation with our dear friend Scott Jensen in our backyard with 6 tables full of friends from various seasons/parts of my life (30 different guests than the women who joined me last fall). It’s one thing to listen to a podcast episode by yourself, which I would guess is how most of us usually listen, I certainly do. Driving in the car, out on a walk, cooking dinner…usually alone and usually multitasking. But a night like this brought a group of women together to listen to the conversation WITH each other, in person, in real time. This allowed for some special interactions and discussions and the ability to soak things in a little more.
I know you will love hearing from Scott. He serves as the chaplain at our local hospital and we got to experience first-hand the important work that he does in our community when he was called in to comfort all four of the affected families in the emergency room on the night of the accident. We share some memories of that horrific night as well as how powerful it is when God brings comfort to his people THROUGH his people.

**Thank you for listening. Today's episode is sponsored by Faithful Counseling, an amazing online Christian counseling service. I'm excited to offer my listeners 10% off at: faithfulcounseling.com/fightingforjoy. Quality counseling is a worthy investment and can be such a powerful tool in the fight for joy!