Fighting for Joy with Writing

Episode 16 · November 15th, 2019 · 44 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

I hope you guys are enjoying Season 2! We’ve gotten off to a great start and I am thankful you are listening and sharing the podcast with others who you think may be encouraged. More importantly, I hope you are continuing to fight for joy in whatever you are facing today, and that this season of The Fighting For Joy Podcast is giving you fresh perspectives as you listen to my friends share about various tools that are helping them fight for joy in the midst of their difficulties as well as in their normal day to day experiences.

Today you get to hear from my friend Kelle Carnes. On this episode she shares about how something as practical as writing has helped her press on through the midst of a hard season in her life - moving their family of 6 away from the comfort and familiarity of Nebraska to New York!! She has started a wonderful blog ( as a result and you definitely need to become a subscriber!

Listen in as Kelle so honestly shares about how she experienced new levels of sadness, fear, and regret after the move, and how she has had to let herself grieve the loss of many things that she held dear. You will be inspired by hearing about the new ways that Kelle turned to prayer, writing, and gratitude. These practical tools began to help her see this huge life change as an invitation to trust God more deeply. I hope you are encouraged by her words (and her writing)...she has such a beautiful and tender story of fighting for joy to share!