Fighting for Joy with Friendship

Episode 15 · November 1st, 2019 · 54 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

Today I have two very special people on the podcast to talk about Fighting for Joy with Friendship! They are my dearest friends Cathy Brown (my guest on Episode #2) and Kathy Craig. They came to Nebraska for a girls weekend in September and I just knew that we needed to record an episode together on this theme while they were here. We talk about everything from prayer, to the Voxer app, to raising girls, to leaning on each other's faith during dark seasons of life. We even chat about the importance of encouraging one another to foster deep friendships with other women. So listen in as we share about various aspects of our 30 year friendship and how it has been a great help for all three of us as we continue to fight for joy. I hope it encourages you in your own friendships as this is such a practical tool to implement.