Five Ways to Fight for Joy with Becky Novacek

Episode 61 · March 14th, 2023 · 59 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

I think we all have people in our life who inspire us, challenge us, and teach us - people who bring so much good stuff to the table when you get together that you can’t help but be all ears and just want to soak it all in. Becky Novacek is one of those people in my life. Every time we are able to connect, I learn. I leave feeling inspired and encouraged.

You might recognize Becky because she's been on the podcast before (Episode #22 - Fighting for Joy with a Healthy Mindset). I wanted to have her back on now because over the course of the past year she and I have had so many rich conversations about ALL kinds of things and I wanted to share pieces of that with all of you. Today I asked her to share a "Top 5" list of ways that she is fighting for joy in this season of her life. I think you’ll love her wise perspective about things like identity, loving well, and seeking beauty. Becky is so tender to the things of the Lord and I know you'll be blessed by the way she ties everything back to her faith and her relationship with God.

My last episode was with Brooke Kyes, a young mom in her 20s, and today its a woman thriving in her 60s. Its such a privilege to bring you a wide range of perspectives. Each season of life brings its blessings and challenges and its so helpful to hear stories of how to fight for joy through it all! So today, soak in the words of my dear friend Becky. As always, if you find some encouragement in this episode, I would LOVE to hear from you. And, I always appreciate when you share the podcast with others. Its one of the best ways you can support my work and ministry. Thanks for listening!

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