Fighting for Joy in Marriage: Part 1

Episode 37 · March 23rd, 2021 · 1 hr 30 mins

About this Episode

Today I am excited to release the first episode of a three-part series that I recorded with my husband Eric on the topic of marriage and ways that we can fight for joy IN marriage. Over the past 3 years I have asked numerous times about topic suggestions for the podcast - and over and over again, marriage is the #1 thing that you bring up. It’s a favorite topic for us, too, but its a huge topic! There is just so much to cover. Ultimately, we decided to narrow it down to 10 key things that we have learned through our 27 years of marriage (and 5 years of dating before that!). These are practical and theological truths that have helped us, instructed us, and given us hope through the ups and downs of marriage in this broken world.

If you are married, your relationship with your spouse is a huge part of your life…for better or worse. It has the potential to bless and bring great encouragement. It also has the potential to hurt and discourage your soul. This is why we need to talk about the challenges of marriage more, share the things we are learning, give each other hope, and encourage one another to keep fighting for joy within our marriages. Eric and I are far from experts and hope to keep learning and growing - but it has been really special thinking through these things and we loved preparing this series for you.

Fighting for joy in marriage can be really hard work, but it is important and meaningful work. We hope these conversations encourage and inspire you to keep going. The best news is that we have a big God who is always at work and He promises to help, sustain, comfort and provide for us every step of the way!

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