COVID Series: Part 2 - Fighting for Joy by Connecting with Self

Episode 26 · May 6th, 2020 · 26 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

We are in the middle of a three part series focused on fighting for joy in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic. Most of us have never lived with such uncertainty. We aren’t used to this much time at home…without going to school, without going into work, without malls, restaurants, sports, and activities. And sadly, for many families, it’s not merely the uncertainty and inconvenience that makes this a difficult time, but there is enormous stress with lack of income, job loss, sickness, or turmoil in the home. As I’ve connected with people these past few months, I’ve heard over and over that the fight for joy is real. Many of you are asking, “How do we keep going? How can we find joy in the midst of all of this?” I’m hoping that these three episodes give you some practical ideas - simple ways to keep pressing on through daily life during this pandemic; not just enduring it, but actually experiencing joy through the many good things God has given in His common grace.

Today you will hear Part 2: Fighting for Joy by Connecting with Self. Now, “self” does not merely mean self-care or time alone. It IS that, but not ONLY that. Connecting with self, for the purposes of this episode, will include everything from exercise, to finding routine, to cooking more, to gratitude, to crafts and projects around the house, and everything in between. My hope is that as we share the various things that are helping us during this time and the creative ways that we are fighting for joy, we will spur one another on. That as a community, we will keep fighting together, pressing on through these strange and often unsettling days with hope, with peace, with joy, and with one another.