Fighting for Joy with God’s Word

Episode 20 · February 21st, 2020 · 55 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

Today is an important episode because as a Christian, nothing brings us as much help in our fight for joy as the Bible does. In this episode, my husband Eric returns as a guest to share about the ways that he implements the truths of God's Word into his daily life, and how knowing and trusting in God’s promises has provided him with things that nothing else in this world can! God's Word is so powerful and we can look to it for help, comfort, peace, hope, and joy.

I do want to acknowledge that quite a few of you who listen to my podcast are not Christians. Or your faith looks very different than mine. And it is such a blessing to get feedback that, even so, you are gaining encouragement from listening, despite our differences! But I'm wondering how some of you will react to the title of this episode. Maybe you struggle with believing that the Bible is true...doubting if it can be of any help for your particular situation. Maybe you have tried to read the Bible or have gone to church but it just left you confused or frustrated. Maybe the Christians in your life have let you down, or really caused you hurt. My encouragement to you is to listen anyway. Let us share the personal ways that God has met us with His Word. Christians and non-Christians alike continue to ask us how we can have joy in the midst of great loss, and how we are finding laughter and dancing again, even as other difficult things continue to present themselves and burden us down. Friends, this is one of the main ways! So pray that as you listen, God meets you and draws you into the hope and help of His Word as you keep fighting for joy in the midst of whatever you may be facing in this broken world.